Drawing My Way Through Cancer By Ken Margolies

A slideshow of sketches documenting one man’s medical journey.

Work  from Drawing My Way Through Cancer. Untitled/Slide (above). Freaking Out (right)

One day Ken received the news from his doctor that he had tongue cancer. Living in New York at the time, his friends asked him to report and share his experience as their way to stay connected and supportive. The drawings he created are a deeply personal record of a full range of emotions, fear, pain courage and hope. The story is hard to watch in parts, but Ken hopes it will be helpful to others. Most importantly the story has a bright colorful ending.

Ken’s story is an inspiring example of how creating and sharing art can help you through difficult times.

Ken Margolies Artwork Available for Purchase

All proceeds from art sales are generously donated by Ken Margolies to Sebastopol Center for the Arts.
Email to purchase (free shipping).
Payment via PayPal or check payable to SCA
Price list and available titles HERE
View available art Images below.


  • Digital drawings $85 unframed/$125 framed
  • All images from slideshow are available – view here $85
  • Small framed original artwork drawn with gel pens $275
  • Posters. 5 available ( 3 designs). Large reproductions on Hahnemühle paper (as is) 44″ x 62″ $450

Click on Images to see details and  larger versions of the work.
Price list available here.

Blue Eyed Terrier

Blue Eyed Meanie

Complex Organism

Complex Organism 2

For Jimi

Inside My Mind

Great Mandella

Grid Face

Lobster with Joint

Maggie Mission Walking

Man of a Thousand Faces

Mental Gymnastics

More Happening Than Meets The Eye

More Happening Than Meets The Eye 2

Oh No Not Cancer



Untitled 1

Untitled 2

Untitled 3

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