If your name appears, it means that your work has been selected by PAUL STANKARD to be in the 2017 GOT GLASS exhibition.

Artists from "CONVERGENCE" , We ask for your patience, the jury results will be postponed by a few days. The list will appear here and be sent to you by email,
If your name appears, it means that your work has been selected by CASSANDRA STRAUBING to be in the 2017 GOT GL:ASS exhibition.

Please do not be disappointed if your work was not included. Choices had to be made. We are alas limited in the number of pieces we can show in the gallery.

IF YOUR NAME IS ON ANY OF THE PREVIOUS LISTS, please read the following instructions:
- Selected work is expected to be delivered to the SCA gallery by 4 pm on Friday, October 20, 2017 (either by shipping or hand delivery) latest. Work not received by that date will not be exhibited.
- Deliveries can be made earlier THAN October 20, Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm. Sat. Sunday 1-4 pm. Work needs to be protected for storage.
- Address: 282 S.High Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472.   Attn.  Catherine Devriese  -
- All selected work must have a label attached and special instructions if any.
- Each shipped entry must be packaged in a reusable container for the return of work.
- US shipments must include a return shipping label or your UPS or FEDEX account number and the amount of insurance you are choosing for your piece.

- No substitutes will be accepted for work selected.
- Selected work must be on view for the duration of the exhibit. No work may be withdrawn prior to close of the exhibition.
- Entrants are responsible for securely packing piece when sent to SCA. Entrants insure their work in transit to and from exhibition.
- During the exhibition, SCA insures the piece at 60% of retail value up to $10,000. Additional insurance will be provided for pieces with a certified appraisal of over $10000.
- Selected artists agree to allow work to be photographed for media use, for educational and publicity purposes.
- Selected artists prepare artist resume or statement about the exhibited work to be included in gallery artist binder. -
- Mid october you will be mailed a list with your information as it will appear on the labels in the gallery. You will be asked to check spelling of your name, the title and the price you asking for your work.
- Artists receive 60% of the sales price of work that is sold. Indicate clearly on form if not for sale NFS.
- Sales occurring as a result of the exhibit up to 30 days after closing date are subject to 40% of commission.
- Unsold work, with valid return forms for shipping, will generally be sent within 15 days after last day of the show.

I am on my yearly vacation until October 9.
Urgent questions on shipping can be sent to Laurence at
Other questions,  Email or wait until my return on October 9.

Best regards,


Catherine Devriese
Visual Arts Director