Gallery II & III Program


Sebastopol Center for the Arts juries in Gallery II and Gallery III to individual artists, or small groups of artists, for exhibition of their work. The work exhibited has to be original (no replicas). An application process takes place annually to select artists for the following year’s exhibition schedule. The SCA Visual Arts Committee reviews and selects artists from the pool of applicants. Gallery II and Gallery III exhibits are scheduled to run concurrent with exhibits in the Main Gallery.

Applicant must be an SCA member.

When applying, Gallery II or III, show a coherent proposal.  The medium or title has less importance than the quality and coherent approach of your artistic expression.

DEADLINE  is MAY 19, 2018
NOTICE of acceptance will be given by email or phone by September 1, 2018 latest.


If you are interested in showing in Gallery II in 2018, the application fee is $20 and 
The cost of the gallery for the duration (4-5 weeks) is $580
Click HERE for DIMENSIONS of Gallery II. It offers 49 feet of linear wall space.
To apply for Gallery II for a show in 2018, please enter your APPLICATION HERE


If you are interested in Gallery III, the application fee is $20 and 
The cost of the gallery for the duration (4-5 weeks) is $400.
Click HERE for DIMENSIONS of Gallery III. It offers approcimately 42 feet of linear wall space. 
To apply for Gallery III for a show in 2018, please enter your application HERE


also read the following: 

In order to be considered for an exhibit in 2018, each artist or group of artists must submit the following:
1. $20 non-refundable application fee per artist, or artist group.
2. A gallery proposal
2. Resume and bio for each artist.
3. Six images representing the type of work being proposed for exhibit. (2 images per artist for group- application).  Images must be in JPEG format approximately 4“ x 6” at 300 dpi and be oriented right side up, in focus and have accurate color in order to accurately portray the original work. JPEG files must have your name and title of the piece. Images are submitted, by uploading them on the form itself.


• SCA provides and installs lettering for the show title.
• SCA  will staff the Gallery Tues–Fri, 10 am – 4pm, Sat & Sun, 1–4 pm and during SCA events.
• Dates of Gallery II/III exhibits coincide with the Main Gallery exhibits (each runs approximately 5 weeks).
• Opening Reception for the Main Gallery and Gallery II/III is on the evening of the first day of the show.
• Gallery II or III artists may create an announcement postcard which will be made available at the Gallery and must be approved by SCA staff. The Gallery II or III show will also be included on the Main Gallery electronic announcement.
• Gallery II and III artists install their own show. They provide pedestals, mannequins, jewelry cases, or any special equipment for exhibiting their work, as well as tools and hardware for installing their show. Artists will provide own labels for the exhibit. They will be required to patch and paint the holes left from hanging artwork. SCA will provide putty and wall paint.
• While all reasonable care and precautions will be taken, insurance for the art displayed will be the responsibility of the exhibiting artists. SCA or its representatives will assume no liability for damage or loss.
• Any pieces not for sale should be so indicated on the exhibit label. At least 75% of the exhibited work must be for sale. Artist receives 60% of the sales.
• Additional information will be provided upon acceptance.

For additional information call Catherine Devriese - Visual Arts Director at (707) 829-4797 ext 1008.