Current Exhibitions


July 29 - September 4, 2016

Galletta Gallery: "BOUNDARIES"
This excellent selection by Paul Mahder (Paul Mahder Gallery Healdsburg)  shows artwork related to geographical, emotional or physical boundaries. Current hot topics are included in a variety of media, including video.

Gallery II: "w[o]rdrobe" , a solo installation of new three-dimensional, mixed media, book art and text-based works, created by C.K.Itamura, which serve as explorations of and commentaries on the psychology of fashion, fashion as industry, industry of oppression, and finding freedom.

Gallery III: "The Continual Effect of Abuse:  Using Photography for Healing" Gary Kaplan  Photography, Stephanie Hamilton-Oravetz   This exhibition comes out of a unique project by photographer Gary Kaplan who worked with Stephanie Hamilton-Oravetz to create a series of portraits related to her history of sexual abuse in childhood. It illustrates the power of the visual arts in healing from trauma.