Current Exhibitions



JUNE 17 - JULY 24, 2016

Opening reception Friday June 17, 6-7:30 pm
ARTIST TALK  Saturday June 18, 2-3 pm

Juried by Betsy Davids, BA, MA, UC Berkeley and owner of Rebis Press in Berkeley.

Selected artists for The Art of the Book 2016:
Sophie Acheson, Brian Adams, Rhiannon Alpers, David Bacigalupi, Anita Balkun, Carol Barton, Tom Basile, Carolyn Batchelor, Mark Bischel, David Alan Boyd, Susan Brady, Deborah Bryan, Ross Carron, Macy Chadwick &  Jennifer McKnight, Arminee Chahbazian, Joyce Cutler-Shaw, Cristina de Almeida, Lyn Dillin, Chris Dunsmore, Bea Endert, Deborah Benioff Friedman, Helen R. Gaus, Judi Goldberg, Francine Goodfriend, Ivy Guild, Branka Harris, Beth Hartmann, Susan Hensel, Robert Hersey, Brooke Holve, Carol Inderieden & Chandler O'Leary, Diane Jacobs, Eric Johnson, Martha Kleihege, Janet Lauroesch, Jim Lee, Monica Lee-Boutz, Erin Malkowski, Emily Marks, Erin McAdams, Stephanie Mote, Asa Nakata, Hadley Nelson, Samantha Nieto, Gina Pisello, Jimalee Plank, Sara Press, Lynette Reed, Zona Sage, Jan Schnurr, Krista Sharp & Ian D.Warren, Lynn Skordal, Apinya Srikhwanthong, Tracie Leeds Storie, Jami Taback, Seiko Tachibana, Victoria Tasch, Lisa Thorpe, Katherine Venturelli, Marcia Weisbrot, Sara white, Nanette Wylde

Betsy Davids was impressed with the quality of the work and requested to honor more artists with a special mention. Besides the usual Merit Awards, she also awarded 5 Honorable Mentions.
The Merit Awards went to Brian Adam, Macy Chadwick and Nanette Wylde.
The Honorable Mentions went to Carolyn Batchelor, David Alan Boyd, Jim Lee, Jimalee Plank and Lynn Skordal.
Eric Johnson received the Best of Show Award and Deborah S. Friedman the Coordinator Award.

"The Art of the Book": 63 magnificent examples of Book Art created by local and international artists. This exhibition, juried by Betsy Davids, is a delight for all but especially for the passionate of Art that includes paper, words and books.

Gallery II: an educational exhibition, an introduction to the main traditional forms or printmaking. Discover the differences between intaglio, reliefprintmaking, planography and serography and a few unusual approaches to the art of printmaking. Enjoy work and working tools from established local printmakers, and work on loan from Calabi Gallery.

Gallery III: a beautiful collection of recent work, "Linocut Prints", by Robert Cormack.

July 10  11 am - 5 pm
Street Printing Festival: A day of FREE outdoor family fun. A real 4-Ton pavement roller functions as a giant printing press, rolling over lino cut blocks placed on the parking lot and creating wonderfully sharp, one-of a kind prints.  Come and have a great time watching this happening, strolling along art booths smd engaging with the artists. There are interactive demonstrations, printing activities for children, food and beverages,  and  live music by two groups: Randall Sequiera and Mitchel Slade

July 14,  7-8 pm
Evening with master printmakers: Caren Catterall, Holly Downing and Rik Olson. A UNIQUE opportunity to learn from these experts about etching, mezzotint and relief printing.