Current Exhibitions

Main Gallery: Youth Show: "LET IT BE...KIDS"

Local Elementary schools overtake the gallery! This  show, coordinated by Sally Briggs, Natalie Boothe and Angela Sturr has almost 1000 pieces of artwork.

We CELEBRATE on Sunday April 30 with a child friendly reception from 2 to 5 pm.

Frank Gonzalez, famous puppeteer, will be performing and sharing his remarkable talents between 2:30 and 4 pm. Everyone is welcome; bring family, friends and loved ones. Refreshments will be provided. The event is free but children cannot attend without adult supervisionA fabulous show in salon style of work by creative minds of 60 and over. 


Gallery II  Peter Krohn     
"From Grief to Gratitude: Peter Krohn's Personal Journey"

Special Peter Krohn Gallery II opening, Sat. April 15, 2-3:30p

This rather different exhibit of art combines Peter Krohn’s story of a personal history of survival as a refugee from WWII and the journey from fear and grief to gratitude. On April 15, Peter will talk about how nature and art can help to heal trauma as well as add immensely to the pleasure of life itself. There will be music by talented violinist Muftiah Martin, legendary chocolate chip cookies by Beth Krohn, and local artisan cheese delights. Peter will also demonstrate how scanography creates a “sans pareil” luminescence to the lighting in his still work and discuss the magical effect of printing on aluminum. Everyone is welcome!


in Gallery III    "One Thing Leads to Another"
Paintings and Sculptures by Lisa Beerntsen

Paintings and ceramic sculptures exploring how inspiration evolves out of the art-making process and carries over between different media.