About The Festival

Dearest Street Printing Festival (SPF) lovers

Thank you again for participating in the past Street Printing Festivals!
We had great times, didn't we?

I need to share some bad news and some good news.

The bad news first: there will be no Street Printing at Sebastopol Center for the Arts in 2017. I wish that we could have done it again this year, and am sincerely sorry for the disappointment.

The good news: it is only postponed to July 2018.
Tentative date: July 8, 2018.
The SPF is a fabulous event and we don’t want to let it go. How amazing to see that gigantic “beast” rolling over our linoleum blocks and creating the most stunning prints.
But, we want the event to grow  -  we want more booths and more visitors!

Year one was a great success. Year two was even better. SPF three was equal to the second year in number of booths, sale of prints and revenue. This was OK, but also slightly disappointing.
The efforts we invest in this art venue should result in a strong, sensational, educational, successful, bigger and better event. 

To realize the true potential of the Festival, we will require another year of planning.

So, please do not give up!
On the contrary; we need your input now more than ever in preparation of the next festival.

Do you have time to volunteer and be part of the steering committee (1 x month)?
Would you help us in forwarding invitations to your email–list?
Do you have any press contacts?
Do you have any artists’ lists to invite more booth-holders to be part of the event?
Do you have any graphic design skills to create leaflets and posters?
Do you know anyone who could sponsor the event?

PLEASE send me an email or Barbara Coen at bcoen@sonic.net to confirm you received this email and how you would be prepard to help with for the 2018 Festival. All help is welcome.


Catherine Devriese
Visual Arts Director