SCA's Wildflower Fund: Providing Scholarships for Children's Art Education

Like wildflowers, artists can grow anywhere, under a variety of circumstances. We understand that financial challenges can be a serious barrier to accessing resources that will help your child grow and develop as an artist. Our goal is to provide financial aid to ensure that all our blossoming artists have the same access to arts education, during the summer and school year alike. 

Since the inception of our children's Summer Art Camp program in 2014, we have strived to bring low-cost, high-quality art education to the children in our community. This year, thanks to the support of private donors and generous community grants, we are able to offer financial aid for families who cannot pay the full cost of our camps.

Summer Camp Scholarship Info

We are offering two levels of scholarship this year: reduced tuition and full scholarship. Those eligible for reduced tuition will pay only a portion of our camp fee: $50 for weekend mini-camp (regular cost $75), or $75 for week-long camps (regular cost $125). Scholarships will be available until we run out of funds, or until camps are full.

How to Apply

To apply for a scholarship for camp, please fill our Scholarship Application Form. Please note that submission of a scholarship application does NOT guarantee enrollment in camp. Your application will be reviewed by staff, and you will receive information about your financial aid within a week of submission. We cannot guarantee that we can offer the full amount requested to everyone, but we will do our best to provide aid where we can. We trust that everyone will be honest and request only the amount of aid that they truly need.

Donate to the Wildflower Fund

We depend on generous donations from the community to fund our programs and keep them affordably-priced. We are immensely grateful for any donations we receive- even $5 helps us out a great deal. If you are interested in making a donation to our Wildflower Fund, please do so using our online donation form.