Summer Art Camp 2017

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NEW! Mini-Camps for Young Kids (Ages 5-7)

Outdoor Art Adventures with Erin Haugen and Emily Robinson (June 10-11, 10a-3p) $75

This weekend camp is all about fun in the sun and connecting with the world around us. We’ll learn about our local ecosystems by spending lots of time outside observing, exploring, and collecting specimens. Then, we’ll use our imaginations to create lots of creative, messy, and fun art projects inspired by nature!

Camps for Kids (Ages 8-12)

Visual Arts with Therese LaLonde and Emily Robinson (July 10-14, 9a-4p) *THIS CAMP IS FULL. To put your name on the wait list, please email*

This fun-filled camp is all about broadening your horizons! We’ll get our hands dirty with all types of mediums- acrylics, watercolors, clay, pastels, fibers, and so much more. To celebrate the beauty and culture that diversity brings to our community, we’ll be learning about types of art from all over the world and creating our own artwork inspired by their techniques and materials.

Functional Art: Reimagine and Reuse with Therese LaLonde and Emily Robinson (July 17-21, 9a-4p) *THIS CAMP IS FULL. To put your name on the wait list, please email*

In order to minimize the impact of disposable products on our world, we’ll be making functional handmade items that can be used for years to come. With a focus on recycling, repurposing, and using natural materials, we’ll discover the soulful nature of handmade functional items such as baskets, bags, notebooks, and more. 

Where Art and Words Collide with Jackie Hallerberg (July 24-28, 9a-4p) $125

Whether you are a new or experienced poet, join us to explore the world through poetry. We’ll read famous poems and learn about the poets who wrote them, as well as write many of our own originals. Using a variety of materials and techniques, we'll create visual art inspired by our own poetry, the work of others, and the world around us. This week is all about exploring many different avenues of self-expression, through art and words. We’ll end the week by sharing our poems with family and friends at a lively reading.

Performing Arts with Ari Rice (July 31-Aug 4, 9a-4p) *THIS CAMP IS FULL. To put your name on the wait list, please email*

Nourishing the creative mind in a performing arts context requires a few things- first and foremost, the ability to exercise one's own ideas and contribute to the work being performed. Devised performance is a form of collective theatre-making which will allow your child the ability to write a play, learning along the way about compromise, cooperation, and of course, what it takes to put on a show from the inside out. After the end of the week, the children will have written short plays in groups, also learning techniques for songwriting and hearing harmony. They'll get hands-on experience with writing, singing, costume, and set-design, which will truly make them feel a sense of ownership on the finished product.  

NEW! Camps for Teens (Ages 13-16)

Making Art, Making Change with Therese LaLonde and Emily Robinson (July 24-28, 9a-4p) $125

Art isn’t just pretty to look at- it’s also an important vehicle for uniting communities, communicating ideas, and inspiring change. In this camp, we’ll look at how several artists have used art to bring groups of people together, and will use their projects as inspiration for our own- including zines, printmaking, street art, ceramics, and more.


Cancellation Policy: Cancellation Prior to one week before start of class will be refunded or transferred, minus a $15 processing fee for each transfer or cancellation. (Transfer is good for one year.) Cancellation less than on week prior to first day of class or after class begins will not receive a refund or transfer. If the Sebastopol Center for the Arts cancels a class, you will receive a full refund.