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July 29 - September 4, 2016
Deadline for submissions: June 27, 3-6 pm

Juror Paul Mahder - Paul Mahder Gallery, Healdsburg

We venture into new territory by strongly encouraging politically and socially engaged work. A current hot topic we invite work related to any type of boundaries: geographical, emotional or physical. 

For online entries via, CLICK HERE

For hand delivered entries, Do not use entrythingy, fill in this form  HERE , print the labels, attach to your work, bring your work to SCA, pay at SCA. (if you cannot print labels, please create hand written ones and attach to your work)
Prospectus HERE

For every artist who has been working on a piece for the "Motion" show, we apologize and ask for your patience: 
- we envisage a show on a scale which requires more preparation and more funding. 
- please keep your work. "Motion" is not canceled - it is postponed to 2018


October 21 - November 27, 2016

Juror Sukey Bryan  
Maryland Institute, College of Art, Master of Fine Arts,

Yale University, Bachelor of Arts, two majors: Fine Arts and English

Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts,  Cum Laude

A perfect opportunity to show "your" landscape; traditional, contemporary, ecological, controversial... WHAT IS YOUR LANDSCAPE? Use photography, painting, weaving, drawing, collage or sculpture or video or... any medium to express yourself.

Were you swept off your feet by the glow of the Sonoma hills?  Were you forever transformed by the view of those roofs in Paris? Do yo have an image to immortalize that favela in Brazil? Is it just one lonely, beautiful tree?  How high were those waves of the ocean and did you see that glorious sunset? Is your electricity box just like a cityscape? Or is your imaginary landscape more fascinating than anything to be seen around you?

Deadline for entries: September 19, 3-6 pm
To apply online go to 
If you hand-deliver, do not go to, use THIS form, print the labels, attach to your work , bring your work to SCA, pay at SCA . (if you cannot print labels, please create hand written ones, attach to your work)
Prospectus HERE


MEMBERS' SHOW 2016  "Small Work, Big deal"

144" square  maximum  (i.e. 12" x 12" or 14" x 10" or 7" x 20"... )
December 2 - December 31, 2016
Deadline for submissions: November 28, 12 - 6 pm



Interested in renting Gallery II or III?  The call for entries for 2017 is now closed. Soon we will accept applications for 2018. 




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